NHPA Scholarship Foundation Scholarship Application

These scholarships are only available to students who are New Hampshire residents. Although you may be living out of state while at school, you will qualify as long as you have maintained your legal residence in New Hampshire. Please remember to bring valid identification with you to the interview such as a current New Hampshire driver’s license. This should serve to prove residency in the state.

Applicants must be in satisfactory academic standing. They must also be enrolled in at least the first year of a professional pharmacy degree program through either a traditional or accelerated curriculum.

Additionally, the Trustees wish to share with you some of the qualities required for consideration in the scholarship program. The Trustees place a high value on students with the right balance of professionalism, initiative, leadership, insight, decisiveness, as well as need, and scholastic ability. Please be mindful of these attributes when considering the application process.

The deadline for applications is October 19th, 2018

All applicants MUST be available for an interview with the Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees. The interviews will be conducted on Friday, November 9th, 2018. If you have any questions, please call 603-314-1720 or email to nhpascholarship@gmail.com.


In addition to completing this form you must submit the following items to the committee via email to nhpascholarship@gmail.com:

1. A current copy of your college transcript, or a copy of your grades for all college courses completed to date (in PDF format).
2. A current resume or CV (in Word or PDF format).
3. A recent photo of yourself( in JPEG format). Please try to keep the file size to a minimum while retaining clarity of the photo.
4. Essay (in Word or PDF format): please explain why you believe you should be a scholarship grant recipient. If there are special considerations or circumstances that you think the Trustees should know about, please describe them as well. Please include any charity or volunteer work that you have performed, and include documents or letters of reference from such work.

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