Defund CPD Policy Survey
This survey is designed to get a better understanding of how Chicagoans feel about the Chicago Police Department.  We want to hear your thoughts on their efficacy in reducing violence and harm in communities, and if that justifies the City's current investment in the department.

All individuals’ personal and demographic information will be kept confidential and will not be shared externally. Data collected through this survey will be used to understand the current support for and understanding of different public safety strategies, policies, and spending. The Defund CPD campaign will use this data to advocate for policy proposals based on what community members support and, based on the reported demographic data, engage specific alderpeople around the issues that their constituents have indicated as priorities.

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In 2017, Chicago established the Civilian Office of Police Accountability. In 2019, The Chicago Police Department is under a federal consent decree in agreement with the US Department of Justice meaning CPD has to make improvements and reforms in their use of deadly force and police killings. However, they have continued to miss deadlines in their agreement. Do you feel CPD is properly held accountable for their wrongdoing?
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Do you support the City and CPD continuing to spend on police training and reforms or is it time to invest in other strategies?
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Berkeley, CA has moved traffic enforcement out of the police department authority and into a department of transportation. Would you like to see Chicago adopt this policy?
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Chicago already has the most police per person of any major city, with over 13,000 officers; Chicago has 48 cops per 10,000 residents, compared to New York City's 42 and just 24 in Los Angeles. Still, Chicago experiences more violence than those cities. Do you think this means Chicago should have this many police officers, or try something different such as violence prevention and interruption programs?
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Would you support decriminalizing sex work and narcotics possession if it decreased the CPD budget and the money saved was invested in community-led alternatives and initiatives?
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The Chicago Police Department is 42% of Chicago’s budget spending ($1.8 billion). Do you think that is too much?
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If you could spend $1.8 Billion of the City’s money, where would you invest it?
The Chicago Police Department paid ShotSpotter, a surveillance system meant to detect and pinpoint the sound of gunfire, $33 million between 2018-2021. The ShotSpotter system has led to over 40,000 dead-end deployments of CPD officers between July 2019 and April 2020. Do you think CPD should renew the contract in August 2021 when the current contract expires?
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The Chicago Police Department is looking into new strategies, such as a Boys & Girls Club at the Cop Academy and community policing through a Police Athletic and Arts League. Do you believe this would help CPD improve relations with communities and help CPD fight violent crime?
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GoodKids MadCity is a youth-led organization against gun violence. GoodKids MadCity has proposed an ordinance called "The Peace Book," which will allocate 2% of the police budget of $1.8B to be used in community programs to reduce gun violence. Would you support this ordinance?
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Alder Rossana Rodriguez introduced the ordinance "Treatment, No Trauma," which would allocate approximately 8.3% of the police budget for public mental health services and a 24/7 emergency team to respond to health calls mental. Do you support this ordinance?
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What are the 3 most important services your community needs to make you feel safe?
If you chose 'Other' in the previous question, write here what those things would be.
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