Quick Feedback Survey on Prosthetic Technology
We are hoping to use the survey results to understand the value of new technology.
Do you currently have an upper limb amputation? *
If so, please specify the type:
Clear selection
Do you currently use a prosthesis? *
(i.e. workers hook)
Do you use unilaterally or bilaterally?
If so, please indicate the type:
Please indicate the make/model (if known) and power mode: body-powered/electromechanical, examples here: http://hosmer.com/products/hooks/)
Do currently drive or wish to drive vehicles?
(i.e. automobiles, tractor)
Clear selection
If so, please specify what type(s) of vehicles
(function, make/model is helpful as well)
Do you have a problem with or without your current prosthesis when it comes to operating controls?
(Tightly gripping knobs, steering wheel, etc?)
Clear selection
Please list any specific problems you have:
(if any)
Please indicate any products you use to solve them
(Brodie/Spinner knob, steering wheel ring, etc)
What would be the ideal product solution if available today?
(a portable, quick-dettach that could be rapidly installed for steering wheel and lever control?)
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