Apply for Get Blisstified Workshop, Get Blisstified Master Class: "Abundance Mode"
You are ALLOWED to dream large, want more, and have more. Get Blisstified "Abundance Mode" is a MIND Reprogramming Masterclass using practices and coaching to GUIDE YOU GENTLY to see what you want for yourself. It is conducted by Transformational Coach Martine De Luna, and Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Life Coach Kimi Lu. Through our unique approach in 4 LIVE COACHING CALLS and WEEKLY Coaching mindset practices, we will coach you to believe you have what is already yours, and then coach you in becoming the person you need to be so you can HAVE it.
Take the next step to having more: more time, more deep relationships, more meaning in your workplace, more peace & stillness and POSSIBILITY.

We're turning ON Abundance Mode, with YOU.
The question is: ARE YOU READY?

We are excited to have you. The next step is to APPLY for the Masterclass below:

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Coaching is a COMMITMENT between you and your coaches. On a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you to work on yourself, so you can live life with less stress, more time, and doing things you truly adore while being a positive example to people? *
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Joining Get Blisstified is an investment of time and money. We meet every MONDAY for 4 weeks, at 8:30AM EST (for those in the US), 8:30PM (those in Asia). Kimi & Martine individually charge upwards of $500 for their coaching, but for THIS Masterclass, your special investment is ONLY Php15,000 (local bank transfer) for BOTH COACHES' expertise ($300 via PayPal). Are you ready to connect to your MIND POWER, to your Abundance Mode, and do the inner work that will be asked of you, so you can reach whatever goal you are setting this online Masterclass? *
We will EMAIL you regarding the course details. Do you commit to check your email regularly for these details? *
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PAYMENT : The full investment is Php 15,000 Online Session (P15,500.00 or $300 if making a PayPal payment). Deposit or Transfer to KIMBERLY LU savings account 💚BPI 1629132461 💚BDO 010920013996 OR PayPal: Then SEND A Photo/screen capture of the transaction/deposit slip & EMAIL to Have you done so? *
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