Planning WVS wave 7
Dear Principal Investigators of the World Values Survey Association,
The Executive Committee of the WVSA has started planning the next, 7th wave of the WVS which will be conducted worldwide in 2017-2018. We would appreciate if you could fill in the short questionnaire (below) which will allow us to learn more about your plans and intentions with regard to the WVS-7 as well as existing problems and difficulties and will allow us to organize WVS wave 7 in a more efficient way. Thank you very much in advance for your time!
1. Please, indicate the country for which you serve as Principal Investigator in the last wave of the WVS in which you participated:
In case if you have not participated in the WVS yet, please, indicate the country for which you intend to be the PI in the next wave.
Your answer
2. What was the last WVS wave in which you and your team participated?
3. On a scale from 1 to 7, where "1" is very easy and "7" is very difficult, when talking about the last WVS survey conducted by your team in your country how difficult or easy was it to...
Find the necessary technical information to conduct the survey
Communicate with WVSA
Deposit the data and technical documentation with the Archive
Translate the questionnaire
Check and validate the quality of the sample and data
Establish the sampling frame
Organize and conduct the fieldwork
Secure funding for the fieldwork
4. If funded, was your last wave survey supported by…
Check as many as appropriate
Talking about wave 7
The next, 7th, wave of the WVS is planned for 2016-2020. Survey fieldwork will be conducted between 01/01/2017 and 31/12/2018. The questionnaire is still under development by the EC and SAC and will include approximately 280 variables. Participation in the WVS requires application of a national representative sample in your country with N=1100 as minimal acceptable sample size.
5. Are you and your team interested in joining WVS wave 7?
6. How do you think, what would be the best (most appropriate and reasonable) survey method to do the WVS-7 in your country?
7. How do you think, what would be the best sample size for a national representative sample in your country?
Please, indicate the number of cases (i.e. 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400 or etc.)
Your answer
Survey fieldwork costs
What would be the appropriate total costs WVS-7 in your country in 2017-2018? (please, include costs for the full survey cycle: sampling, fieldwork, quality control and data entry for completing )
8.1. Please, indicate the MINIMAL posible amount in US dollars
Your answer
8.2. Please, indicate the MAXIMUM possible amount in US dollars
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9. In preparation to WVS-7 you and your team...
Please, select all appropriate options
10. When would you plan to start applying for funds for fieldwork costs?
11. When would you expect a decision concerning your application(s)?
12. Central funding for WVS-7 will prioritize cost co-sharing in developing countries (defined by per capita income below $15,000) which have already applied unsuccessfully to funding agencies and which have been included in previous waves of the survey. If your country falls into this category, will you and your team..?
Please, select all appropriate options
13. Which of the following activies of the WVSA would be most important for you in preparation to WVS-7?
Please, select all appropriate options
14. The next meeting of WVSA PIs - the General Assemble - will take place in March, 2017. WVSA Secetariat is going to organize an open international conference in conjection with the General Aseembly. Would you be interested in attending this event?
Please, select all appropriate options
15. Recently WVSA has introduced a number of changes. Have you heard about them?
I know about it
I do not know about it
Institutional Membership in WVSA for organizations
Network of regional offices (hubs)
Quarterly updated newsletter
16. We would really appreciate learning your suggestions about ways to improve the World Values Survey Association. How would you suggest that we strengthen our activities and network? What would be your priorities for new initiatives?
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17. Please, provide the contact details and the address for your organization:
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