Mutual Aid And Beyond - A BQIC Zine
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, discourse and efforts around mutual aid have increased significantly. Although to many people, the notion of mutual aid may be new or only visible during times of crisis. For black LGBTQIA+ and marginalized people, the notion of mutual aid is central to our survival. From relief funds to sharing medical supplies to DIY trainings to community accountability processes, our communities have defined, practiced, and redefined models of mutual aid.

This understanding of the notion of communalism is central to LGBTQIA+ communities and to BQIC's mission of "fighting for a world where Black LGBTQ+ people from all backgrounds can thrive". In the simplest terms, our communities are always in crisis and always working towards ensuring our own survival.

In the spirit of documentation and tying our histories to our present realities, BQIC is curating a zine that explores the topic of "mutual aid" in its many forms. We invite you to define what "mutual aid" means or looks like to you, and what our world can become when it is part of an overall radical and revolutionary shattering practice. How have your families, chosen or not, practiced mutual aid? What did it look like before a term was applied to it? How do you practice or hope to practice? What could it look like moving forward?

For some inspiration, here are some topics that BQIC is interested in gathering submissions for:
- Bodily and Medical Autonomy Outside Of White Heteronormativity
- How People Living With HIV/AIDS and Their Allies Have Saved Each Other
- Subverting The Coming Out Process and How The Chosen Family Is A Form Of Mutual Aid
- Mutual Aid and Political Awakening In Time of Crisis and Beyond
- Turning Away From Mass Incarceration and Towards Community Accountability

We are accepting written (essays, poems, etc) and visual art (paintings, drawings, collages, images, etc). Written work can range from 500 to 1,000 words. Zine will be printed in black and white, 300dpi. If you like, we can also share your artwork on our Facebook and Instagram.

TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK, email your art to with the following info: your name and pronouns as you want them printed, name of your piece (if it has a name), artist's page (Facebook, Instagram, etc)..... SUBMIT YOUR WORK by May 30, 2020 @ 11:59 PM EST

BQIC will be hosting a digital zine release party in May. Date, time, and additional information TBA.

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