Volunteer at Hastekasen farm, Sweden
Please describe yourself
Hästekasen is an intentional community.
We try to pursue a certain lifestyle.
So we are not only asking for the gift of your work.
We would like you to fit in a vision.
We ask you to answer a few question about yourself.
We know the questions are personal - but living here is very “personal”.
What is your - Name - Mother language - Age - Gender? *
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What is your - e-mail? We may need to contact you) *
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Can you speak english fluently? *
Have you ever as an adult lived in a community sharing kitchen and toilet? *
Can you live without smoking? *
Can you live without eating meat?
Can you live without drinking coffee every day?
Can you live without drinking alcohol every week?
Can you live without eating dairy products?
Do you drink water?
Can you cook?
Can you bake?
Can you avoid using a washing machine more than once every two weeks?
Are you ok with taking orders?
Do you on a regular basis go hiking/camping?
Can you sleep outside during summer?
Are you ok with living with the occasional mice, spiders and ants?
Can you use a dry toilet? *
Can you wake up and go to bed without a shower? *
Are you OK with working physically until you sweat and not take a shower before you go to bed? *
Do you wear clothes that are not made out of plastic?
Could you come with a sleeping bag?
Could you be come with a backpack?
Could you come in a pair of high boots to work in, and walk long walks in?
Are you used to making a fire?
Can you handle a hammer and a saw?
Do you know the difference between a normal saw and a bowsaw?
Can you live without looking at your mobile every day? *
Repeat: Can you live WITHOUT looking at your mobile every day? *
Can you live without checking internet every day?
Can you play a musical instrument?
Can you talk about yourself? *
Can you remember information that you are told?
Can you get up in the morning and start working without someone telling you?
Can you work without eating breakfast first?
Have you ever built anything out of wood (small or big)?
Can you lift 30% of your body weight?
Do you want to eat meat? *
If you eat meat - are you willing to kill an animal when you are here?
Have you ever grown a plant from seed.
Are you willing to kill at least 10 snails everyday? (They eat our vegetables in the garden)
Do you do any sports on a regular basis?
Do you do adventure sports?
Do you do yoga or any similar?
Can you take care of a group and lead/teach them something?
Do you read normal books?
Can you cook for 12 people?
You will not be able to control what food is bought, since Hästekasen is mostly vegetarian, and does not buy food from far away. Are you OK with that?
Can you tie knots?
Are you willing to remember the directions: North, west, east, south
Can you read and follow a map?
Do you have leadership experience?
Have you ever thought about starting a company?
Do you know...
Check the box if you know
Are you the kind of person that would Google the words in the last question that you did not understand?
Does any of these situations apply to you?
Explain further your answer above
Your answer
Have you done EVS or ESC Erasmus project
Are you willing to take a train to Hästekasen and see it as sightseeing in Europe, even if it will take much longer?
What do you want to learn?
Your answer
What do you know that you can teach others?
Your answer
Where and how do you want to live in 5 years?
Your answer
Do you still want to come to Hästekasen farm? *
Why do you want to live/stay at Hästekasen farm? *
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Say something important about you and your life. *
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