Black Trans Lives Matter Vigil
TRANScend Retreat invites you to join us, VIRTUALLY, to honor the black trans folks we have lost this year and to honor black and brown trans folks in our communities who continue to fight for our liberation.

The event will take place September 20th 1-3pm PST

Follow this link for the FB event:

As part of this vigil we will be creating care packages to send to all who want to participate in the virtual vigil. Black Trans folks are our highest priority and will be the first to receive these offerings. As a result, we cannot commit that non-black trans folks will receive these care packages. We ask for your understanding and solidarity. You are still invited to join us and please continue to fill out this form to receive the event link and important information. If you do not receive a care package we ask you to purchase your own candle, so you can still join in with us on this ritual.

These boxes will contain a variety of gifts/offerings for folks, there will be a candle with holder and a few other self care items. On the day of the vigil we will invite folks to join us VIRTUALLY, to read the names of our trans siblings, and to light the candles they received. Because this action is now virtual our hope is that this will expand beyond California and we can invite our trans siblings from all over to join us in this special honoring and celebration of life.

***DEADLINE to request a box is MIDNIGHT pst September 13th***
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TRANScend has been gifted some edibles, tinctures, and alcoholic beverages for our offerings. Would you like to receive this in your box? Please let us know if you are sober and/ do not drink or imbibe cannabis. We will have some CBD tinctures which are not psychoactive as well. Please check what you would choose if available. *You must be 21+ to receive this offering* *California residents only* *
If there are any ways you would like to support this action and/or share offerings please let us know below or email us at:
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