Sales revolution or is it for you?
As we move out of the crisis of the past months and into the “new normal”, what will change for you and your sales team as the world opens up? For some organisations the distinction between field sales and inside sales might have been blurred for some time; for others there has been a clear distinction. The COVID19 pandemic has shaken all that up, with little traditional face to face selling taking place, and with it a review of how sales teams work and what skills are required to be effective.
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What was the principle way your sales team engaged with customers and prospects before the coronavirus crisis?
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How have you and your sales team been working during the “lockdown”?
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As you begin to move forward what do you see as the biggest challenges specifically for how you and your sales team work?
In terms of skills that you believe your team need to succeed in the changing world, what best describes your current thinking?
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On a scale of 1 to 10, do you see the changes happening in how your team sell, being either a slight evolution (1) to a full revolution (10)?
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