Winter Program Application 2018/19
Become a crew member aboard the Tall Ship St. Lawrence II!

Beyond adventure and friendship, as a crew member you’ll develop invaluable tools and skills that will follow you from the ship, helping you become a more confident person. This program is focused on developing participants skills, leadership, and know-how, to allow them to become Youth Leaders aboard the Tall Ship. We use a hands-on, immersive approach that focuses on the creation of a sense of community, responsibility, dedication, project and time management, employability, and work ethic through the maintenance of the ship, educational talks, workshops, and group development events.

Some of these outcomes can translate into success in your post-secondary/ vocational training, and/or your career:

- Determination
- Teamwork
- Time Management
- Confidence
- Employability
- Responsibility

There is the possibility of sailing the entire summer, anyone who wishes to apply for a full summer should indicate their wish on the application.

The Winter program will start with the Meet & Greet on November 2nd 2018 at 53 Yonge St., Kingston, Ontario, followed by a full work weekend Saturday & Sunday. The regular times are 0900-1700 Saturday and 1000 - 1600 Sunday. Please let us know in advance if you require accommodation.

Rules & expectations:

It is the expectation of the Captain of the S.T.V. St. Lawrence II and the Board of Directors of Brigantine Inc. that the following requirements will be met to the best of the applicant’s ability:

- Crew members are expected to attend the Winter Program for a minimum of 100 hours during the winter season from Nov. 2 2018 through May 1st 2019 Special exceptions will be considered and the program is open to anyone who is willing to commit to a minimum of 40 hours.
- Crew members are to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the ship’s company and are not to engage in lewd or unseemly behavior, nor are they to partake in any variety of alcohol or illicit or mind-altering substances, acts of a sexual nature or any form of bullying or harassment during work parties or when engaged in any capacity in a program related event as per the standing orders and the Brigantine Inc. code of decorum & Code of Conduct.
- It is the expectation of Brigantine Inc. that officers will be actively engaged in an educational pursuit. Brigantine Inc. fully supports the crew member’s educational needs so far as is reasonable within the scope of their commitment to the ship and the program.
- It is expected that Petty Officers will be committed to a minimum of 2 weeks of sailing time during the summer program.
- Petty Officers and winter program trainees are to provide guidance and assistance to their peers. They are to be attentive to instruction, to be polite and respectful of their leaders and to strive to better both themselves and their skills.
- Crew members are responsible to the Captain and the Board of Directors for the maintenance, appearance and safe
operation of the S.T.V. St. Lawrence II.
- While staying aboard the ship participants are to stay aboard the ship, in the office, or in the workshop, and must never be in groups of less than three. Curfew is 2000 to report aboard the ship.

This application indicates that the undersigned has read and accepts their responsibilities as described above.

Please answer the following questions as completely as you can.

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What do you hope to gain from your involvement with the St. Lawrence II leadership and sailing skill development program?
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