Can you help me?
This is pretty much the same as last time. Except this time, I'm asking you to vote for your favourite K'Barthan swears. Mmm.

All you have to do is pick your favourites from these choice phrases - or if your favourite piece of K’Barthan invective is absent, feel free to add it in the 'other' section. Clearly, ‘by the prophet’s’ anything is right out, even if it does appear in the books because for some folks it might look like blasphemy and unlike the books there's no context to put them right.

Additionally, if you use the 'other' field please stick to stuff that appears in the books. If you make up stuff, like Arnold's Gargoyles etc, I can't use it, for copyright reasons. So it has to be something I've forgotten to add rather than something you invented.

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Thank you for doing the K'Barthan invective quiz. Please choose your favourite six or - if applicable - your favourites plus the ones I've missed. Thanks. *
Are there any other particular products upon which you’d like to see K’Barthan invective? *
Would you be interested in any other K'Barthan products? I’m thinking a Snurd baseball cap might be quite fun, or possibly some Big Merv swearing and even some of the sayings of the prophet, if any are funny enough.
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