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EducationUSA Competitive College Club Uruguay
The Competitive College Club (CCC) is a program of the Education and Cultural Affairs branch of the U.S. Department of State. The program provides FREE advising sessions by the EducationUSA Uruguay team to support students who are interested in studying their undergraduate four-year degree (licenciatura) at a U.S. University. The group will meet monthly to discuss topics related to the admissions process for U.S. Universities, and will help students prepare their applications. Students can participate in person or virtually.
El Competitive College Club (CCC) es un programa del Bureau de Educación y Cultura del Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos. El programa ofrece sesiones de asesoramiento GRATUITAS por parte del equipo de EducationUSA Uruguay para apoyar a los estudiantes interesados ​​en estudiar su licenciatura de cuatro años en una universidad de los Estados Unidos. El grupo se reunirá mensualmente para discutir temas relacionados con el proceso de admisión a las universidades y ayudará a los estudiantes a preparar sus solicitudes. Los estudiantes pueden participar de estas reuniones en forma presencial o virtual.
Instrucciones y Requisitos
If you desire to complete your 4-year University degree in the US, apply for the CCC by filling out this form!

Ideal candidates comply with the following requirements:
1. Graduating high school in 2020 or 2021
2. Have a Promedio Académico of 9/12 or above
3. Advanced level of English
4. Participate in various extracurricular activities

For more information, please send a message to
Si te gustaría realizar tu licenciatura de cuatro años en una universidad de los Estados Unidos, postulate para el CCC con este formulario!

Los candidatos ideales cumplen con los siguientes requisitos:
1. Terminará el liceo en 2020 o 2021
2. Tiene un promedio académico de 9/12 para arriba
3. Tiene un nivel avanzado de inglés
4. Participa en varias actividades extracurriculares

Por más información puedes enviar un mensaje a:
SECTION 1 - Personal Information
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SECTION 2 - Study Goals
What do you want to study at University? What field or fields of study interest you? (carrera universitaria) *
Why do you want to study in the U.S.? *
Do you understand that a traditional degree from a U.S. university takes 4 years to complete? Are you interested in applying to 4 year programs in the U.S.? *
SECTION 3 - High School Information
Name of High School: *
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Expected Graduation Year: *
In 2020 what hours will you typically be at High School? *
What was your GPA (promedio académico) in 3ro? *
What was your GPA in 4to? *
What was your GPA in 5to? (only answer if you are currently in 6to)
ACTIVITIES: Create a list of all volunteering, extracurricular activities, church groups, work, clubs and sports you have participated in since 2017. *
Please indicate in which years you participated in these groups and add descriptions as necessary.
AWARDS: Create a list of all awards you have won either in or outside of school since 2017. Please describe any achievements you are proud of, both formal and informal. *
(e.g. flag bearer, flag escort, class delegate, Olympiads, Model UN, sports, music, drama, club awards, etc.)
SECTION 4 - English Language Proficiency
How did you learn English? Check all that apply. *
How would you rate your English level? *
Is there any additional information you'd like for us to know that you have not already shared in this application?
Please let us know of any special circumstances or things you'd like to point out.
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