Tell MPS Board of Directors: Do Not Settle! Restart Superintendent Search

---Please read this open letter to the Minneapolis School Board, send them a version of it, and ADD your name below!
---Then---Take Action!! Join us this Tuesday 5:30-6:45pm at the School Board Meeting, Davis Center (1250 W Broadway) to show your support for a RESTART. Thank you for standing up for yourself and all MPS students, staff and families.
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"Dear Minneapolis School Board Members:

On Tuesday, January 12, you will vote on whether or not to move ahead with Dr. Sergio Paez as our next superintendent. Rather than simply going with Dr. Paez because we have come this far with him, we urge you to band together and make a bold move for the future of the Minneapolis Public Schools by restarting the superintendent search.

How can you do that?

*Refund*: Demand a refund from HYA, and put that money back in the district budget.

*Restart*: Engage a local search firm to look for talent within our own district and state, as a first choice. We want to see a pool of candidates who understand the needs and potential of our district. Let’s be clear, though: we DO NOT want the board to reject Paez and simply default to one of the two other finalists (Michael Goar or Charles Foust).

*Reclaim* our schools: We believe that we all share the same goal: a public school district that is vibrant, equitable, and dynamic. However, we insist that our next superintendent be selected with community-based criteria, such as the desire to have a leader who has actual classroom teaching experience and already has the proper licensure.

Don’t be intimidated by the time and energy another superintendent search will require. Instead, think of the long-term value of doing everything you can--with our support--to find the best candidate for Minneapolis. We appreciate your service, and like you, we are doing this above and beyond our other work. Let’s find a solution that we can all live with.

From our perspective, all candidates for the job must support racial and social justice, must value measuring success through community standards and not test scores, and must be committed to empowering all of our kids through a creative, critical, 21st century education that nourishes mind, body and spirit.

Please do not stop now. Let’s do the right thing for our district, together.

With hope for progress,

Minneapolis Public Schools Community Members"
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