EMPEX Los Angeles Conference 2018 Talk Submission
Thank you for considering submitting your talk to EMPEX Los Angeles Conference 2018. The submission deadline is December 15th with selections made by January 1st. More information about the Conference can be found on our website: http://empex.co/la.html
Important Baseline
All talks and speakers must comply wholly with our Code of Conduct (http://empex.co/code-of-conduct.html), which applies in all EMPEX-related communications as well as at the conference itself. Please review it before submitting your proposal, and email us at info@empex.co with any questions.
What we're looking for
Topics related to the Elixir language and its ecosystem, including Erlang, Phoenix, and Nerves. We love talks that offer a unique perspective on technical challenges Elixir programmers face, such as deployment and orchestration, as well as interesting case studies of new and different ways to apply Elixir technologies. Generally speaking, we bias towards technical talks. Our audience is largely experienced software developers with some beginners. Many of our attendees are not yet using Elixir in production and they're all highly interested in learning something new. Feel free to toss them into the deep end!

Our conference fully embraces both new and experienced speakers. We place a strong value on featuring a diverse, creative line-up of speakers: ones from different backgrounds with a wealth of different experiences to share with our attendees.

How we help speakers
Out-of-town speakers will be provided support for travel and lodging. Local speakers and those who do not need travel support are offered honoraria. We will provide coaching for both talk prep and slide design to any speaker who would like it, and do our best to accommodate any accessibility concerns. For more on what we offer speakers and why, please check out our Medium article on the topic: medium.com/empex/to-our-speakers-92fd4784dbdd

If you are interested in submitting, but want guidance on a good submission, we'll be hosting two google Hangouts in the month of November answer questions about submitting to EMPEX Los Angeles 2018. Stay tuned to our web site (http://empex.co) and Twitter account (@empexco) for more information!

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