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Please use this form to register interest for our puppy classes starting 2nd August, at Matua Hall.
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In the interest of your own puppy’s health and the health of other dogs at the Arrows Adventures, it is a requirement of the program that your puppy’s vaccinations are on schedule. It is understood that your puppy will not yet have completed the full round of vaccinations, however, you must still provide evidence that he/she has received at least their 6-8 week vaccination (in the form of a letter or certificate - photocopies accepted, or a picture of their vaccination booklet), issued by your puppy’s vet clinic.
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Conduct guidelines & liability release
The following guidelines have been written to ensure the smooth running of Arrow’s Adventures Puppy Class. These guidelines must be adhered to at all times to ensure the safety of school participants and Arrow’s Adventures staff and animals.
1. Participants are expected to disclose any changed in health status to their dog through the week. Arrow’s Adventures reserves the right to deny attendance due to health status or behaviour.
2. Participants are responsible for their own dog and are expected to keep their dog on a leash at all times (except when otherwise instructed by their trainer).
3. Participants are expected to clean up after their own dog.
4. The school supervisors have the right at any stage throughout course to modify these rules.
5. Whilst Arrow’s Adventures take the upmost care to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for participants, no responsibility or liability is taken for injury, illness or harm.
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