Feedback - ACEP August Recess Legislator Visits
Thank you for participating in a meeting with your legislator/staff during the August congressional recess period to discuss surprise billing legislation pending in Congress.

ACEP wants to hear your feedback so we can follow-up with your legislators' Washington, DC staff and provide additional information if needed and track our progress in meeting with as many legislators as possible.
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If you met with a U.S. Senator, did he/she have any insights on how the Senate would proceed with surprise billing in September?
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If you met with your U.S. House member, did you discuss H.R. 3502, the Protect People From Surprise Medical Bills Act, introduced by Reps. Ruiz, MD (D-CA) and Roe, MD (R-TN)? *
If yes to the question above, did the legislator agree to co-sponsor H.R. 3502?
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Talking Points
Leave-behind for legislators
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Do you have additional feedback on how ACEP can best keep you informed on our surprise billing advocacy?
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