Buena Park Neighbors Young Professionals Needs Assessment
What you would like to see from Buena Park Neighbors Young Professionals (BPN YP) in 2021? As we kick-off the year, let us know what activities, resources, and support you want from BPN Young Professionals! The questionnaire is short and should take only 5 minutes!
Are you a member of Buena Park Neighbors (BPN)?
Please rank, from most important to least important, what you want to get out of Buena Park Young Professionals: *
Connecting with others socially
Getting involved with BPN committees
Learning more about my community
Professional development
Volunteering in the community
5 (most important)
1 (least important)
How interested you are in the following activities and resources? *
Please note that some activities listed are dependent on the developing COVID-19 pandemic
Not at all interested
Slightly interested
Moderately interested
Very interested
Extremely interested
Learning events (e.g. lunch and learn, drink and learn events with a talk)
Monthly fitness activity (with local fitness businesses)
Networking events/happy hours
Outdoor tours of neighborhood (mural tour, history tour)
Professional development resources (CV/resume review, career guidance, place to find job opportunities in Chicago)
Virtual game nights
Volunteering events/opportunities
Young Professionals event with local politicians (Alderman Cappleman, State Senator Feigenholtz, State House Rep Croke)
Are there any other activities/events/resources you would like Buena Park Young Professionals to consider?
Any other thoughts on how we can better support your needs as a young professional in our neighborhood?
How would you prefer for us to keep you updated? *
Where do you want to find out about Young Professional activities and resources? Do feel free to select multiple options!
Would you like to be added to a Young Professionals email list?
We will use this email list to keep you abreast of BPN Young Professionals events and opportunities.
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