MIRVA - O4 Technology Guidelines
This survey is organised to collect and analyze open recognition technologies in the frame of Erasmus+ MIRVA project (http://mirva.openrecognition.org).

To know more about open recognition, please see the Open Recognition Framework: https://bitly.com/ORAFramework
Tell us a technology or platform that can be used for Open Recognition
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Do you have a specific use case about this technology that you would like us to know about? Tell us about your experience with it, or leave a URL
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How would you classify this technology?
What was the main purpose in using this technology?
What kind of learning is implied by this technology?
What kind of recognition is enabled by this technology?
Is this technology a standard?
How open is this technology (i.e. is it easy to connect to it)?
It's not possible to connect to it
It's intrinsecally open
How widespread is this technology?
Only specialists know about it
Everybody accessing the internet is using it
Is this technology open source?
Is the recognition produced by this technology verifiable?
Is this technology trustable? Does it provied contextual information that makes it easy to decide whether it should be trusted or not?
Reader must verify autonomously how trustable other parties are
A lot of contextual information is given and properly highlighted, so the reader does not even need to leave the page
Is the recognition produced by this technology shareable?
Is the recognition produced by this technology portable?
Do you have any other comment for us?
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