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Below is a list of the title of the classes offered at The Hand's On Retreat at Nave's Sawmill. A description of each Instructor and the classes they are offering can be found on under the title

Skill Level: (Skill Level of classes will be listed as a number based on the chart below)
1) Absolute Beginner - Will need help with the very basic approach of tools and mounting pieces.
2) Beginner - Should be able to mount pieces on the lathe with confidence and begin rounding out pieces, but may need help with many aspects of turning.
3) Intermediate - Capable, without assistance, rough out a blank and know to make a tenon or spigot on a blank, turn it around and hollow it. Basic tool control and usage should not need to be explained.
4) Intermediate to Advanced - Proficient with all the basic tools and techniques.
5) Advanced - Above average proficiency with most aspects of turning.

All effort will be made to get you in the classes you most desire. There are 10 class rotations and a few of the classes take up two rotations. If you are a beginner, you should be able to take some Intermediate classes before the retreat is over. For each class, list your desire to take that class with lowest priority being 0 and highest priority being 5. Based on your responses, we will know how many rotations will need to be made for each class.

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