2018 FLESG Worktrade Application
Hi! Please fill out this form and submit to be considered for worktrade at the 2018 FLESG. By adding your email address to this form you are agreeing to have it added to our work trade mail chimp email list. We will never use your email address for purposes other than communicating with you about worktrade opportunities for the Florida Earthskills Gathering. Please add worktrade@floridaearthskills.org and FLESGworktrade@gmail.com to your contact lists to ensure nothing gets lost in a spam or promotion folder.  Thank you, let us know if you have any questions, and see you at the Gathering!
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Have you been to FLESG before? *
If so, what year, and what was your role?
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For ease of scheduling, preference will first be given to those who can be available for the full duration of the gathering. Are you able to be onsite from 12 noon Tuesday, Feb 6th, through 5 pm Sunday, Feb 11th? *
If no, what is your availability?
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Are you able to be onsite from 8 am Monday, Feb 12th, through 6 pm Friday, Feb 16th? y/n *
Are you available anytime before the gathering? *
If so, what dates are you available?
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Would you like to be considered for a head role? If yes, we will contact you upon receipt of your application! *
Do you have experience working with children? *
If so, please list three references with contact information, and describe children's age group:
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Do you have Peacekeeping/ mediation skills? *
If so, please list two references with contact info, and your driver's license number:
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Car available to be a runner? *
If so, make and model?
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Do you have experience with First Aid or other emergency/ medical care? *
If so, please describe:
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Although we cannot guarantee any particular crew, we will do our best to place WT’s in positions so that everyone can bring their best. Please rank the following crews in order of preference, 1 being most preferred: Please note that only one crew can be ranked as 1, or 2, etc. So, you cannot rank both first aid and kitchen as "3". *
First Aid
Site Support
Youth Village
Do you have any special skills or tools that you would like to offer the gathering? (Building, organizational, sign making, computer skills...)
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Notes/ Anything else you'd like us to know?
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