Hands-on Application: 2024 NGS-CN Summer School 


--> On-site Hands-on Training "Bioinformatics: Tools & Data Analysis" | Düsseldorf
     Application required - Limited to 12 participants
     Venue, Accommodation & Catering financially supported by DFG and MKW
     Travel Grants within Germany available upon request
     16 - 17 September | Düsseldorf

      Applications Deadline: 17.07 | Wednesday
      Winners Notification: 23.07 | Tuesday
      Winners Spot Confirmation: 23.07 - 26.07 | Friday - Wednesday
      :: be available to confirm per Email, otherwise your spot will be granted to another person

Couple Notes before you fill in the Application Form.

-> You're expected to attend all lectures offered in the Online part to be on the same level with the other participants. Make sure you can allocate the time to carefully listen and engage in discussions.

    --> Online Summer School "Sequencing Fundamentals & Bioinformatics"
Open for everybody - don't miss a chance to listen & ask experts!
         Register here https://forms.gle/3Ncrtg5UyN2c5hjE8 
         9 - 10 September in Zoom | link will be sent after the registration

-> Make sure to spend time to shape your aims in motivation section and write it yourself (hello, AI). We want to know who you are, what research you're on right now. Why it's important for you to attend our Hands-on Training? Which learning objectives you have?

-> Carefully assess your programming skills and solid knowledge - honestly fill in the scale bars offered below. We will do our best to harmonize applicants level - we discourage situations when someone writes "excellent knowledge" just starting the research or just switching the field of research. You'll hold the team back, we'll have false expectations and you won't get a positive experience. Funny or not - choosing "excellent" does not necessarily puts you in the top applicants list.

-> It's almost impossible to match the experiences 100% - be prepared to support the team members in learning once you see someone is struggling. Summer School is a teamwork and networking event, be ready to communicate and enjoy the time together! Usually it's a great opportunity to find friends and collaborators.

We are glad to welcome YOU!

IMPORTANT: Please, use your Uni-/Company- verified Email Address.
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= Your Motivation to join our Hands-on Training =
down below, we state several questions to support you in formulating your learning objectives and motivation. answer concise yet think about the question for a minute before typing. we're looking forward to hear you out!

What motivated you to apply for this specific hands-on training, and what do you hope to gain from this experience?


What specific area of research are you currently focusing on, and how do you believe sequencing technologies and bioinformatics can enhance your work?


Describe a recent project where you utilized bioinformatics tools in a couple of sentences. What were challenges you faced?


Do you have an available existing data set to work on?
no worries if not, it's a "nice to have"


How do you think participating in this summer school will influence your approach to solving complex biological problems in your research?


How do you plan to integrate the knowledge gained from this hands-on training into your future professional projects? How do you plan sharing your knowledge with others?

= Please indicate your level of skills in the following fields =
it helps us to optimize lectures level so everyone feels welcome
Which NGS technologies are you familiar with? 
Molecular & cell biology knowledge *
Which coding languages are you familiar with?
How do you rate your coding proficiency?
Have you previously attended bioinformatics workshops?
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