Orange County Math Tournament(OCMT) Application Form

Individual Student Awards (in each grade):
1st place: iPad Mini 2
2nd place: Kindle Fire HD8
3rd place: DROCON Drone for Beginners X708W
4th through 15th place: Achievement Medals

The teachers of the students who received top three places in the tournament will get the following prizes.
Teacher Awards (in each grade):
1st place:$50 Gift Card
2nd place:$30 Gift Card
3rd place:$20 Gift Card

Deadline to Apply: Monday January 22nd 2018

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I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the answers to the foregoing questions and statements made by me in this application are complete and accurate. I understand that any false information and omissions or misrepresentations of facts may result in rejection of this application or future dismissal of the applicant. I also understand the School will contact me for further communication. Additionally, I hereby grant full permission to Orlando Science Charter Schools to take photos, which may involve my child at Orange County Math Tournament(OCMT). These photos may be placed on the OSS Website or sent to the local Newspaper for publication.
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