DATE: Wednesday, August 14th

TIME: Pickup at BLC at 7 am. Pickup at OSLC at 7:20 am. Bus will dropoff at BLC at 7 pm and at 7:20 pm at OSLC.

COST: Ticket & Lunch Voucher (included with your ticket!) = $45. Bring $ for other snacks while at Valleyfair AND for McDonalds on the way home or your own food to leave on the bus.

OTHER INFO: This event is for all ages. 5th grade and younger must register with an adult/parent. Friends are welcome!(who will also need to register)

DEADLINE: Registrations MUST be received by Sunday, August 11th. All registrations will receive a confirmation email and the appropriate forms on Monday, August 12th.

QUESTIONS: Please contact Alyssa Herrig (from Our Savior's) at 847-2856 or Lisa Schensted (from Bethlehem) at 662-6453.

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