Workshop Suggestions + Feedback
Hi CS enthusiast, it would be awesome if you would fill out this suggestions and feedback form that we're going to use to determine the directions of our future workshops!  This survey is completely anonymous, and will only be used for our feedback purposes.  If there's a checkbox, that means check all that apply, whereas a fill-in bubble means select only one option, the option that most applies.  You don't have to fill out all the questions-- please feel free to just submit the ones that you feel like are the most important.
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Optional demographic information
Again, this is completely anonymous!
What gender do you identify with?
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What age are you?
Do you identify as an underrepresented minority in STEM?
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How many years have you been programming?
Feel free to elaborate on any answers given above, or tell us any additional information about your demographic:
Workshop Suggestions
What format would you prefer workshops in?
Which languages would you like to see the workshops teach?
What topics would you like to see covered in workshops?
Would you attend workshops for experienced programmers?
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What days are workshops the most convenient for you?
Please feel free to add any additional suggestions, or elaborate on any of your answers above:
Workshops Feedback
The next section is feedback about any of our past workshops you have attended.  Filling this out helps make our future workshops better and know what topics interest people!
Which workshops of ours have you attended?
How are the pace of the workshops?
too slow
too fast
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How interactive and engaging are the workshops?
not enough
too much
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Should we be spending more time teaching the coding basics (vars, etc.), or on the interactive examples?
the basics
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Please feel free to elaborate on any of the answers given above, or provide additional feedback or comments.
How did you hear about us (if multiple ways, select the first)?
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Fun Questions!
We would love to learn more about you, but skip this section if you don't wish to fill it out :)
Would you be willing for your below responses to be featured on our website?
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We would love to hear your journey in CS, if you want to tell us about it.
Favorite programming language?
Tell us about a fun programming project you have and are excited about.
Why did you get into CS?
Anything else you wanna tell us?
Thank you!
Really, thank you so much for filling this out!  Ansa very much misses being in the library, and I hope that I can be back soon.  Until then, virtual workshops!
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