MRMS TSA Registration
Please fill out the form with the information of the student who wishes to participate in MRMS Technology Student Association. Each student will need to submit $32 in the form of a check (made out to MVHS TSA) or cash. Have your student bring that to a meeting by 11/20.
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T-Shirt Size (all shirts are adult sizes, not sure if they have XS, but if they do not, S will be chosen) *
Heath Information
This health and medication information will be shared with the school nurse and club/activity sponsor to provide for your child’s safety and well-being during this activity.
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Did you know that you can help MVHS/MRMS TSA raise funds to offset costs to Districts, State, and Nationals simply by purchasing groceries at King Soopers? Click the link for Sign In, and choose CE084 as the organization you would like to support! It's that easy! Now every time you shop with your King Soopers Card you are helping our TSA students.
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