Payload Submission
Answer the questions as closely as possible, as this will help us design a proper launcher for you.
Payload Name *
This is the name of your payload, please also provide a shortened name if possible.
Your answer
Payload Provider (Your group name) *
This is the name of who supplied us with the payload, we can list your user name or a group name of your choosing.
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Payload Height *
The height of the payload.
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Payload Width *
The width of the payload.
Your answer
Payload Weight *
The weight of the payload.
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Payload Part Count *
This is the number of parts that your payload is.
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Payload Size *
This is what diameter the payload is.
Does your payload use mods? *
Does your payload use mods outside of the ones listed on the RSP OP?
If modded- What mods?
If you click "Modded" on the last question, then what mods are needed?
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Body Orbiting *
This is what body your payload will orbit.
Gas Giant Moon
If you selected a moon of the gas giants, please specify which.
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Desired Orbital Height *
This is the height you would like your payload to optimally be deployed in.
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Desired Orbital Inclination *
This is how much you want your payload's orbit to be inclined by.
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Other Orbital Parameters
List any other orbital parameters you would like.
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Launch By Date *
When would you like your payload deployed by (Please provide several weeks so we can plan for you).
What type of payload? *
What type of payload is yours? Please choose one of the options below.
Other Critical Information
Please provide any information you feel is mission critical for the payload or launcher that has not been already asked.
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Payload Description *
Please provide a short (500 or less character) description of your payload, it's mission, goal and so on.
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KSP Forum Username *
Please provide a KSP forum name so we can contact you.
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.Craft File *
Please provide the payload .craft file from a source (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). Mediafire is NOT accepted.
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