UpLift Resource Finder: Feedback
Thanks for using our UpLift Resource Finder!

We created this tool because we know that the world of California Climate Investments (CCI) is complicated. Whether you’re a community group looking to plant trees or a family wanting to find electric car rebates, we hope that the Resource Finder makes it easier to find out how California’s climate investments can help you.

We see this as a beta version, and plan to expand and improve upon the tool in the future. As folks use the tool, we are collecting feedback and analytics on how it's used.

And this is where you come in: we would love to hear directly from you on what works, what doesn't work and how the UpLift Resource Finder could be improved.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts!
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5) How could the user experience be improved? If you could change anything about the UpLift Resource Finder, what would it be?
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