Checklist for former Interpreters British Armed Forces
If you are currently in Afghanistan, or have fled to another country and seek protection, you can fill out this form to provide the Sulha Alliance with information about your case.
PLEASE NOTE: The Sulha Alliance does not represent the UK Government. We cannot make decisions about your case. We will use this information to advocate for your protection.
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Which country are you based now? *
Date of Birth
How long did you work for the British Armed Forces?
Where did you work?
What was your role?
Were you employed by Special Forces? *
Did you apply to the Ex-Gratia (Redundancy) Scheme?
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If yes, did you apply for resettlement to the UK and why were you not successful?
If you did not apply to the Ex-Gratia Redundancy Scheme, why not?
Did you quit your job? (If yes, provide reason)
Were you dismissed?
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If yes, what was the reason for your dismissal? Please explain who dismissed you? Do you have any written documentation about the circumstances of your dismissal?
Are you currently facing threats? If yes, provide details.
Have you communicated these threats to the Intimidation Investigation Unit (IIU)?
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If so, when (give dates)? What was the response from the IIU? Do you have any record of the IIU response (e.g. email, audio recording, case number)?
Do you give permission to the Sulha Alliance to discuss these details with the British Government? *
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