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The Yale-NUS Student Government is pleased to announce that we, in partnership with the Dean of Students Office, will be offering discounted summer storage with an external vendor!

Price: $8/container for three months, plus $4 per box if you actually want to buy a cardboard box from Student Government.

Important Dates:
April 21st: Cardboard boxes arrive at Yale-NUS
April 21st-27th: Money collection, to be facilitated by Student Government
April 28th: Pickup Day 1 at the Oculus (1-4pm)
May 5th: Pickup Day 2 at the Oculus(1-4pm)
August 10th: Boxes returned to the Oculus (2-4pm)
August 14th: Boxes returned to the Oculus (2-4pm)

So, if you wish to make use of this service, please follow these steps:
1. Fill out this poll on how many boxes you wish to store, and if you wish to buy cardboard boxes. Please don’t register if you aren’t sure you are going to use the space, but don’t worry if your estimate for number of boxes is a bit off.
2. Pay for your boxes in cash during the week of April 21-27 2017.
3. Drop off your belongings at the Oculus on either April 28th or May 5th. If neither day works for you, get one of your friends to drop off your boxes for you.

1. This is meant for summer storage only. If you are studying abroad next Fall Semester, we can help you contact SpaceShip to individually store your possessions, but we are not offering during-the-year storage.
2. You may not drop your belongings off at any other time besides April 28th and May 5th.
3. You cannot access your belongings over the summer. If you will need anything before August 10th or 14th please do not store it with us. You cannot go get it before the first week of August.

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