Policy Support System Licensing
Complete this form to apply for a paid or free superuser, hyperuser or megauser non-commercial or commercial license for policysupport.org. Note that scientist level access is free to all for non-commercial use. You do not need to complete this form for scientist level access, simply set-up your access and start using the system.
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Describe your application as fully as possible so that we can assess how the systems can best help in that application and guide you on the access-level required
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Commercial use includes use by any non-charitable, for-profit company or use of the PSS for delivery of work by anyone else (including not-for profits) contracted by such companies
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Free licenses are given to those who have no means of paying and who wish to collaborate with us in using these systems
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My free access is required for these coordinates within the system's 1-hectare tiles
Free access will be limited to the sites that you areworking. Please add site name, coordinates etc here
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This is the email address that you have used to setup your PSS account and will be the account that the license is attached to. You will see the name section of this after the Welcome: text on the left of the main PSS screen after login
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