ENLP Nomination Form 2016-2017
All candidates must be nominated by their Executive Director/CEO. Candidates must also have the support of their immediate supervisor and Board Chair for participation in the program. If the candidate is the ED/CEO, it should be filled out by the candidate's Board Chair.

The successful nominee for this program should:
-Be currently employed by a nonprofit in the metro Richmond or Tri-Cities area
-Have potential to make a significant future contribution to the nonprofit community through assuming higher levels of leadership, through enhancing their leadership in a relatively new top management role, or through moving to a larger nonprofit
-Have substantive history of involvement in the nonprofit sector through employment, volunteerism, or board service
-Have supervisory and budgetary experience and responsibility
-Demonstrate a commitment to professional development and continuing education

Complete applications with all supplementary materials are due by COB Friday, August 19, 2016. Notifications will be sent by September 12, 2016.

Please direct any questions regarding applications to:

email: erin@pnerichmond.org

mail: 7501 Boulder View Dr., Suite 101, Richmond, VA 23225

phone: 804-330-7027

Please be sure all appropriate materials have been submitted by consulting our Application Checklist:
1. Online Application with completed Personal Statement
2. Current Resume including dates and these sections: Current position with responsibilities, including any budgeting and/or supervisory experience, Paid Work experience, Civic and community volunteer activities (especially including any leadership positions), Education
3. Online Nomination Form from your ED/CEO. If you are the ED/CEO, then from your Board Chair.
4. Online Board Support Form from your Board Chair. If your Board Chair is completing the Nomination Form, please have another board member fill this out.
5. Online James E. Ukrop Scholarship Application (optional)
6. Online ENLP Alumni Scholarship Application (optional)

While the actual value of the program is close to $3,500 per participant, thanks to our generous funders and supporters, tuition for ENLP is $1,500. This, among other opportunities and offerings, includes: all materials, books, and resources, team building experiences, overnight retreat, individual coaching sessions, live case study, experienced professional trainers and facilitators, and admittance to life-long learning opportunities through ENLP Alumni Connections upon program completion.

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Are you aware that nominators are invited and encouraged to attend ENLP Opening Day on October 18, 2016? *
More information will follow if your candidate is accepted into the 2016-2017 cohort.
Is your Board Chair knowledgeable about ENLP and supportive of your candidate? *
Please be sure your Board Chair completes the Board Support Form.
Nomination: 400-1,000 words *
1) Why are you nominating this candidate? Please comment on his or her leadership skills and potential to make contributions to the nonprofit community in future leadership roles. 2) What goals do you have for this candiadte's participation in the program?
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Clicking Yes below denotes you and your organization's full support of the candidate's application as well as your personal commitment to meet with the participant as needed during the program. *
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