MYTHIC | Staff Application
Welcome! We appreciate you taking the time to apply for staff. Before submitting an application please read the following Staff Agreement. By submitting your application you understand and agree to these terms.

If you don’t understand the terms of this Agreement, PLEASE ASK!

We want all our Staff to be on the same page regarding the Staff Guidelines, as they apply equally to Administrators, Moderators, and Developers.

At the end of the day, Staff should strive to make the community fun for everyone!

PLEASE NOTE: If at any time they change or are updated we will let you know. We will also send you a copy of them to refer to if you do become a member of MYTHIC Staff.


This application is looked over by the 'Foley Law Firm LLC' in state of Wisconsin as well 'The Small Business Law Firm' in the state of California as well MYTHIC Community Owner(s).

1) The two biggest requirements for MYTHIC Staff are professionalism and participation. Inactivity, unprofessional
behavior, and abuse of power will be met with consequences that range from warnings to removal from Staff, and even to an outright ban from the MYTHIC community at large.

Being active means participating on the Discord server. Even if you aren’t actively playing on a MYTHIC game server, we’d like you to keep an eye on our Discord whenever you’re available.

Being professional means representing MYTHIC to the best of your ability.
-- Minimize the use of curse words both in Discord and in game, especially when acting as a member of Staff.
-- Refrain from advertising or recruiting for other gaming/community servers.
Being abusive includes but is not limited to behaviors that benefit you (or another Player) unfairly, such as spawning items and/or teleporting. Don’t abuse your power.

2) MYTHIC Staff members must maintain neutral relations with all members of MYTHIC.

-- Be fair when it comes to interactions with Players; neither target nor favor individuals.
If you have a personal issue with a Player, please consult another member of Staff or HR.

-- Please keep inter-Staff drama to a minimum.
If you have a personal issue with another Staff member, please consult with a community manager or owner of the community.

3) MYTHIC Staff members must not reveal personal information about Players or other Staff members without explicit permission from the individual in question.

-- We handle important, confidential information from usernames to IPs, in addition to other personally identifying information. Be responsible with this knowledge and help keep our community safe.

-- Being terminated (removed) or even leaving MYTHIC Community. both parties must uphold respect for one another cannot release the following.

NDA > Talking Negative about one-other > releasing confidential server details to outside sources >

4) Before a Player can be removed or banned, they must receive a Warning that details which rule/s they’ve broken.

-- State clearly that it is an official Warning, rather than phrasing it as a request.
Only if the behavior continues after a Warning can the Player then be kicked or banned.

-- In the case of a potential Staff demotion or Player ban, action will only be taken after a 2/3 consensus for demotion/banning is reached by the Staff.
A vote will only be taken after the opportunity for debate.
Staff may vote in absentia by communicating their vote to Brooke or HR Staff.

5) If you know something in-real-life will hinder your ability to perform your Staff duties, such as an upcoming vacation or exam week, please inform Brooke and/or a member of the HR Staff in advance so we know your inactivity isn’t due to negligence.

Non-Compete Clause/Non-Disclosure Agreement
We don’t have issues with you playing on other community servers, but we ask that you refrain from staffing for other gaming communities/servers. Breaching this non-compete clause will result in your removal from Staff.

Staff members must also agree that details discussed in Staff Meetings and/or regarding projects under the Development Team’s purview will remain confidential.

Team members let go or leaving must still follow the terms; If not legal action can be taken upon to you.

Do you understand and accept the staff agreement listed above? *
You agreeing to MYTHIC Community terms. Make sure you read things closely in staff agreement.
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