Dearborn Youth Symphony 2021-22 Audition Request **Online**
Dearborn Youth Symphony Audition Requirements for the 2021-22 Season

The following is the process to submit your information and audition video for next season. If you are a returning member that is planning on staying in the same ensemble that you were in last season, you only need to submit the Google form and you are not required to submit an audition video. Returning members that are interested in moving up an ensemble (Strings to Concert, Concert to Symphony), you will need to complete the form and submit the link to your YouTube video. All new musicians are required to include their YouTube video.

**All videos must be submitted by September 13, 2021.

Since you will be creating your own video, you may record and re-record until you are satisfied.


Please read the attached information that outlines what you are expected to perform for your audition, including Scales. You will perform Scales and a music piece of your choosing.


You can make your video using any space that works for you, we suggest trying it first and listen to the quality of sound on your video and then decide if the room you are in works best. Please follow these instructions to submit just one video that includes the scales and your solo piece.

If you do not have one, create a YouTube account using the YouTube app (you’ll need a Google account first) or visit the site. Directions on how to create an account.

Have someone help you record your audition. Make sure you are clearly visible and the stand is not in front of you. The video must clearly show the musician’s face, hands, and instrument. Instructions on how to upload your video on various devices.

At the beginning of your video, please state the following before you play:
“Hello, my name is __________.”
“Last year I was in DYS in (which ensemble or conductor)_____________” or “I am new to DYS.”
“I will be playing the ______ and the _______scales”
“The piece(s) I am performing is/are… (state the names of the piece(s) and composer(s))."
Once you’ve recorded yourself, name the video like this: DYS Audition 2020 Instrument, Last name, First name.
You will also have to change the video's privacy settings from “Public” to “Unlisted,” which is done in the field below where you renamed it. You will want to have your privacy settings of your video set as “Unlisted,” not “Private” or "Public.” In this way, DYS will be able to share the link with the conductors who will be reviewing your video. Only our audition team with this “Unlisted” link will be able to access your audition. Help on changing your video's privacy settings.

Submit your information and video via the form below.

Please feel free to email us at, or send us a Facebook message if you have any questions or need help.

All ensembles rehearse on Mondays from September to May. Rehearsal times for the various ensembles are between 5:30 and 9:00.
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