2017-2018 UCS Mini Grant Application
Thank you for being a Unified Champion School! Special Olympics Montana would like to give your program a boost by helping to fund school projects and activities. Please complete this entire application and wait to hear from our staff. A couple things to note before you get started:

- Schools must have a completed 2017-2018 UCS Application on file with our office to be eligible for a mini-grant award.
- Funds must be requested prior to the date of your activity, project or event.
- If awarded funds, all funds must be spent and a report must be submitted by the stated deadline.
- If a program fails to spend funds or report within the designated time frame, they will not be eligible for additional funds.
- UCS programs may apply for funds during all three grant cycles.

The maximum level of funding per project is as follows:
New (2017-2018) Unified Champion Schools = $500.00
Returning Year 2 (2016-2017) Unified Champion Schools = $350.00
Returning Year 3 (2015-2016) Unified Champion Schools = $250.00
Returning Year 4 (2014-2015 or earlier) Unified Champion Schools = $200.00

APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Mini-grant applications can be submitted throughout the year with consideration of the timelines listed below. The proposals will be reviewed by Special Olympics Montana staff each month at their regular meetings.

Fall Semester - Application due October 15th / Final Report due December 15th
Winter/Respect Rally Materials - Application due January 15th / Final Report due March 15th
Spring Semester - Application due March 15th / Final Report due June 15th

Please contact your Outreach Director or email mhill@somt.org with questions. Thanks and best of luck!

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