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Are you ready to have impossible worlds collide? Get ready for the Geeky Debates!

Debate is not about changing other people's minds. It is about understanding different points and keeping an open attitude when it comes to new perspectives. Geeky Debates is less about being the only right answer as it is about exploring canon "What Ifs" and using your vast knowledge of the material to make your point. Join us as we choose our champions!

1. Choose which debate and which side you want to join in the choices below. WE ARE TAKING THREE (3) PEOPLE PER SIDE. First come, first reserved. We will be confirming the reservation via email, including a waitlist, just in case. Registration closes on Tuesday, September 12, 9PM.

2. You have 2 minutes to compare and contrast reasons to defend your position. We will be putting you in touch with your teammates so you can discuss which points you want to make. Remember to cite sources to make your arguments more credible. Audiences will have a chance to interpellate and ask questions to the panel AFTER the initial arguments.

3. You need to be at the venue (Meeting Room 7, SMX) 30 minutes before the Geeky Debates panel starts.

4. Keep your arguments PG (There will be minors and kids in the audience.) Also, keep an open mind. Geeky Debates is about using logic for something fun and exploratory. It is not about pushing an agenda.

5. JUDGING: We shall be awarding the following for each question:
a. The Golden Turd Award: for the person who has stretched logic past the laws of physics. The person who have made the weirdest point in order to support their argument.
b. G.I. Joe Award: for the person who has given the best "useless" bit of trivia. Because now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
c. The Vulcan Ear: for the person who has made the most logically sound argument for the round.

The audience will determine which side will win for that round.

Ready to exercise your brains and fandom knowledge? Sign up below:

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Who would you trust for love advice: Wonder Woman or Black Widow?
Gun to your head: Which one would you save from being erased from history: Edward Cullen or Christian Grey?
Who is better equipped to solve EJKs: Sherlock Holmes or Batman?
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