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*In an effort to make our services more accessible, we've launched our new platform Reach that offers video therapy services. These sessions are done remotely using a secure platform, and in most cases, can be billed to your insurance as an in-person session would. Signing up for video therapy services may reduce your total wait time. Other benefits include flexible scheduling and having access to a larger network of therapists with varying specialties and backgrounds. If you'd like to learn more, visit
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Read our bios on our website if you have any questions about our providers!
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Many of the clinicians at Acacia are "In-Network" providers, which means they accept your in-network insurance benefits and you are only responsible for your mental health copay. However, new clinicians at Acacia often require time (4-8 months) to get credentialed and be on insurance panels. These clinicians are "Out-of-Network" and bill at a rate of $150. We can still bill these claims to your insurance, and you may or may not have out of network benefits that cover a portion of that rate (We can run an eligibility check prior to scheduling you). These clinicians often have more availability in their schedule because they cannot see as many clients as an in-network provider would be able to. If you are in need of more immediate services and willing to see an out of network provider, please check "Yes" below.
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