Vertex Everest Ambassador Program Application (Cohort #9)

The Eighth Cohort has closed, if you are interested in joining, please apply for the Ninth cohort. New applicants will not be selected until July

Welcome to Basecamp

Today’s current market structure contains an amalgamation of competing interests. The narrative of crypto has not changed, yet the majority settle for less by surrendering power to the few. CEXs have held the market majority for far too long. Even after sustaining numerous problems, including frozen assets, opaque liquidation mechanisms, and custody of users’ funds. CEXs continue to dominate crypto market liquidity, DeFi should solve these problems, not perpetuate them.

At Vertex, we believe DEXs are better.

Vertex solves the litany of problems facing CEXs by pairing the convenience of CEXs with the explicit advantages of DeFi, integrating popular features into one DEX designed to make decentralized trading easy, efficient, and powerful for all users.

To change the meta, we need YOU.

Everyone has the opportunity to become a Vertex Ambassador and scale Everest, but we expect sincere efforts. We are looking for contributors who share our belief that DeFi is the future and are committed to our mission of achieving it. We need members who understand what we do, and want to be a part of this future.

We are looking for Ambassadors who can take initiative, and become an integral part of the Vertex community. The more impact your work brings to the community, the more involvement you have in revolutionizing DeFi. Do you think you have what it takes to reach the Summit? Do you have what it takes to move mountains? 

Ambassador Responsibilities:

For sake of simplicity, we have outlined 4 key pillars under which you can contribute: 

  • Educate 
  • Onboard
  • Moderate
  • Network 

Over the course of the program, you will work side by side with the Vertex team and fellow ambassadors to make an impact on Vertex’s roadmap and its community. Below you’ll find a list of potential initiatives for you to contribute too, but do not let this list define your creativity. There is no one size fits all.

    - Write articles & guides on Vertex & our products
    - Create educational content & tutorials on how to use Vertex
    - Create memes, gifs & videos on the problems we solve

    - Share & translate Vertex content on your socials
    - Advocate the benefits of Vertex to community members
    - Help us grow our Discord & Telegram communities

    - Advocate for the correctness of information shared about Vertex
    - Moderate regional communities and channels
    - Engage and interact with community members

Network & Connect
    - Organise online events on Twitter and other outlets
    - Organise IRL events and meet-ups for local community members
    - Host contests for content & media creation

Ambassador Benefits?

Ambassadors producing high quality content on Twitter, Blogs, Twitter Spaces, Videos etc will benefit from Vertex socials co-promotion, to help Ambassadors grow their social presence.

Access to a private ambassador channel, access to chat with the core team and the possibility to attend and support Vertex events IRL.

As ambassadors progress though the ranks they will gain more responsibility within the community, empowering you to take lead, run office hours and host twitter spaces.

And more…
Merchandise airdrops to as you climb the ranks of Everest, discretionary rewards for the top ranked ambassadors.

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Which country are you located in? (why do we ask this question? In case you are interested in running local events, or moderating local community channels)
Do you have experience within Arbitrum? *
Have you created content before? Such as Twitter Threads, Blogs, Videos, Memes etc.
If Yes to the above question, please provide links/examples to your content
Have you been involved in an Ambassador Program before? (your answer will not affect your chances of being selected)
Do you have any experience moderating or managing communities?
If Yes to the above question, please explain and provide an example
Do you have experience with growth-oriented efforts of smaller communities/ecosystems?
What would you like to get out of the Ambassador Program (education, growth, experience, etc)? Please explain in a couple of sentences
If you had to find ONE way to educate and on-board new members to Vertex, how would you do it?
As a potential early Ambassador of Vertex Protocol, why do you think you would make a good Ambassador?
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