CubeNation Sponsorship
We sponsor Cubing events that do Cube related stuffs with Great care!
For Speedcubing events, you have to host a WCA tier event.
For workshops, you have to, at least, teach Fridrich method.

Terms and conditions:

WCA Regulations
The competition must follow the World Cubing Association Latest Rules and Regulations. A few exceptions(eg. Not using mat) are allowed with prior agreement.

Specific Organizers
Teachers of the institution wouldn’t be allowed to run the competition at any cost and their desire shouldn’t impact the competition by any means. They would be just a visitor. Only the organizers would run the competition as planned. The permanent(Main) Organizers have to submit their details to us for confirmation.

Minimal sound competitor area
The participant would get a Minimal sound competitor area.

Cubenation would be getting a stall at the venue to sell their products. The Logo of Cubenation has to be on the banners of the event.

Event plan
The organizers have to share their competition plan(Round count, venue description, scrambler, judges names) public with the competitors minimum 3 days before the competition.

CubeNation holds the right to cancel the Sponsorship at any moment with proofs of violation of term. In that case, The organizers would be the one to blame for the aftermath.
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After Submitting, please email us from the email you mentioned above. Or message us at our facebook page with the facebook ID you mentioned above.
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