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The PMI UK Chapter is delighted to present the opportunity to its registered members to join our Mentoring Scheme. You are urged to read our Mentoring Handbook (located at: prior to applying.

As a mentee, here are some of the possible benefits:
• Having someone independent to talk openly with
• Gaining a wider perspective on one’s career and immediate tasks
• Access to knowledge and experience

As a mentor, here are some of the possible benefits:
• Practise interpersonal skills
• Satisfaction from contributing to the success of others
• Earn PDUs

While we are accepting applications at the moment, the Mentoring Programme is currently in its Fall-Winter cycle and as such, any pairing is currently on hold until the Spring cycle (to be commenced in March 2021).
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For Mentors Only: Please log into the PMI VRMS to formally register as a Mentor so that your volunteering can be effectively managed. The link is: After clicking 'Apply Now' at the bottom of the screen, please type in "Already applied via Google Forms". If you do not have a PMI VRMS account, please register for one via the link shown on the landing page.
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