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Electronic Signature Required (Enter first and last name of parent that consents to the following information) 1. Virginia Debate Academy (VDA) camps are designed to improve debaters' competitive advantage through lecture and workshops conducted over the hours listed on, including 30 minutes-1 hour of homework a night. Virginia Debate Academy guarantees at least one teacher will always be present in the classroom, and Virginia Debate Academy reserves the right to assign 1-3 teachers each class. Student success is our goal, but students who do not complete homework and/or do not pay attention in class may not optimize their success. 2. There is a $50 dollar nonrefundable fee required to reserve a seat for each student with addition to completing the online registration form, unless other conditions are agreed between the client and Virginia Debate Academy. The deposit is part of the total tuition, and the deposit will not be refunded under any conditions unless the class is canceled. Moreover, the remaining tuition is due the second day of class and it will not be refunded for any student absences, unless an agreement is made between the Virginia Debate Academy and the client prior to the first day of class. 3. Virginia Debate Academy reserves the right to change the classroom throughout the week in the building location listed on the website, and Virginia Debate Academy will notify students of any changes. Virginia Debate Academy reserves the right to increase the class cap of students. 4. Virginia Debate Academy reserve the right to alter any content posted on our website at any time without warning. 5. The Virginia Debate Academy reserves the right to change its prices at any time or offer a discount to a select group or the general population; however, customers are only obligated to pay the prices posted on the website at time of their registration to receive Virginia Debate Academy' service. If this happens, customers who have already paid for tuition will not receive a refund for the difference between the price they paid and the discounted price. 6. Buyers and users agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Virginia Debate Academy and Virginia Debate Academy teachers from any and all liability, penalties, damages, expenses, attorneys' fees and claims caused by or resulting directly from their use of Virginia Debate Academy services which damages them. *
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