NSBA "I Love Band" Video Contest 2021
To enter the contest fill out this form. Instructions for submitting videos are at the end of the form. Good luck and thanks for participating!
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How to submit your video:
Record your video using Flipgrid. This is the link to the Flipgrid topic where you can record your video:

IMPORTANT: Make sure your video is complete before you click the submit button. Once you click the submit button in Flipgrid your video won't visible to you. Rest assured it has been submitted and is viewable by the topic moderators.

LABEL YOUR VIDEO: First Name, Last Name, School, no spaces (i.e., JoeSchnarbMiddleHighElementarySchool)

Helpful Hints:
Show head and shoulders/waist up. Check that it is eye level.

Don't put the camera/phone too low (showing ceiling)

Don't stand too close to the camera/phone

Make sure the audio is loud enough to hear clearly but not so loud that your voice is distorted.
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