NEER Infinite Registration Form - Water Security Action Plan (WSAP) Report & Workshop
NEER Infinite is an urban water security program developed by Watergy-Alttech Foundation ( Program has been conceived and designed under the guidance of the Global Water Expert & Thought Leader Dr Bhakti Devi also popularly known as Urban Water Doctor (

NEER Infinite program was developed after an intensive 6 month end user research that interviewed and surveyed about 100 residential apartment building associations in Bangalore to understand the nature of the water challenge they faced. Key findings of the research were in relation to Residents of Apartment Building's level of awareness and severity of their challenges
1) Residents of Apartment Buildings are overly dependent on a) private water tankers who source water from highly unsustainable and unreliable water sources and/or bore-wells that are fast depleting in their water yields and increasing in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentration due to unsustainable extraction of groundwater without having any provision for bore-well recharge.
2) Residents of Apartment Buildings do not know how much water they consume and tend to order the water tankers without verifying their actual water consumption estimates
3) Significant proportion (more than 50 per cent and upto 80 per cent) of their monthly maintenance charges relate to water expenses
4) Most of the times the Apartment Associations are unable to arrive at a consensus on what actions to take to secure the building's water future
5) Bigger the gated community greater the diversity of views and therefore greater the difficulty in arriving at a consensus
6) In cases when the apartment association members did arrive at an agreement and consensus about what water action to take for their building, the execution of those solutions were poor because the vendors were not given the right specifications.

NEER Infinite was therefore developed to help residents of apartment buildings develop a deeper awareness and understanding of how the water system works within their building and what is the suite of solutions that need to be implemented to make the building self sufficient with respect to water.

NEER Infinite also provides to registered Apartment Buildings a consistent on-going support to the Apartment Building residents in their journey to becoming water self sufficient.

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