NYC Summer Open I: Event Poll
This poll is NOT binding, for you or for me.

Emails will be collected to coordinate sign-ups / prevent frivolous responses.
Email address *
Current most likely date is 7/27 + 7/28; main event Saturday, side events Saturday evening + Sunday. There is a small (SMALL) chance we can do stuff on Friday.
- The date is NOT (!!!!!!) confirmed! It is just very likely!
- None of this is binding! It's not registration, and it's ultimately MY DISCRETION what we're running.
Pick a main event. *
Again, will be most of Saturday, will be in teams.
- Master list with links to original set announcement threads here:
- Any attempts to game these votes is at your own risk. All I have is the data in front of me. I strongly recommend just voting for what you want to play.
- There is some chance (>30%) that "audio"/"visual" (i.e. you actually listen to it; you actually see slides) sets will not be able to run for technical reasons. Again, factor this into your voting at your own risk.
- Some of these side events are not confirmed complete yet. See spreadsheet for my notes.
Pick (at most) 5 side events that you would like to see run. *
Which side-events can you potentially staff?
Again, this isn't binding, but note that I will probably weigh the opinions of people willing to staff more heavily than those not. (And then it would be a dick move to just list everything here and not actually staff.) (Reminding that I'm collecting emails.)
Any other suggestions/comments?
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