Greyhound Crossroads Requests
UPDATE- 4/17/2022 from Kim Owens, GC Director:  

~~~~~~ VERY IMPORTANT:  Please read BEFORE filling out the form below ~~~~~~~


New incoming dogs has ended permanently for GC as of December 2021.  We remain focused on dogs being returned to Greyhound Crossroads, and those displaced by not having their original groups to go back to.  We will continue supporting those dogs as long as we can.  As of this writing we currently have almost 150 families on our waiting list.  

Please continue based on these two options:

** NOT A GC ADOPTER? **  unfortunately there is NO HOPE that we'll be able to help you.  We encourage you to pursue your connections with other possible adoption groups or other options like Galgos, Lurchers, and Irish Greyhounds.  This link won't be of any help to you.  

** ALREADY A GC ADOPTER? **  please fill out the form so our volunteers will know you wish to be considered.  There is a slim chance that we may eventually have an option for you from the southeastern area returns.

For questions and more information, you are welcome to email me personally at " greycrazy 1 @ yahoo .com" (no spaces) before filling out the form.  I'll be happy to help you in any way possible except guarantee you a chance to adopt.  I wish we could, we've built a community here for the last 25 years, but it's out of my hands or control.  Thank you for supporting GC and reaching out for possible adoption.   We wish you luck in finding the next perfect member of your family.

Kim Owens
GC Mama Dog


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