Economic Empowerment Saturdays
Join us every 2nd Saturday of the month from 10am to noon as Crazy Man in the Pink Wig, Financial Guru, Mr. Mike Finley, shares tools and tips to lead to financial freedom. Sessions are held via zoom and videos are typically available upon request.

March 12th - The first 3 steps in creating a new life and 1 BIG change that makes it happen
April 9th - The smart way to deal with debt and get out of the debt prison
May 14th - How to manage credit and build a BIG credit score
June 11th - How to become the wise and efficient investor
July 9th - Creating the best investment portfolio for every stage of life
August 13th - Investing in the real world for the advanced investor
September 10th - Understanding the world of taxes and how to reduce them
October 8th - The path to Financial Freedom
November 12h - Tax Time Oh My!
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