Watertown Farmers' Market Customer Survey
Thank you for taking the time to take our survey! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
1. Where do you live? *
2. If this was your FIRST year shopping at the market, how did you find out about the market? *
3. How frequently do you shop at the market? *
4. How do you get to the market?
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5. How satisfied were you with the COVID-19 precautions at the market? *
6. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Watertown Farmers' Market. *
7. What vendor products did you enjoy purchasing at the Watertown Farmers' Market? *
8. If you are NOT a WEEKLY customer at the Watertown Farmers' Market, what is the main reason?
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9. What changes would improve the Watertown Farmers' Market (choose your top 1 or 2)? *
10. Please write us a short testimonial to share on the website. (optional). Testimonial will be anonymous unless you add your initials or first name below.
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Thank you for taking our Survey! Your feedback will help us create an even better market for 2021!
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