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Hello, it is so good to see you reaching out for help, it takes courage and we salute you.
Few things to note:
-This free counseling is conducted strictly via whatsapp.
- You get access to 5 free sessions with your counselor. 
- When a counselor reaches out to you and no response within 12 hours, that session will be terminated.
- If the above happens, feel free to reapply.
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Disclaimer(Please read carefully)
Thank you for filling this form, One of our volunteer counselors will be in contact with you soon (via WHATSAPP CHAT STRICTLY).

We offer free psychological first aid & counseling and when necessary, refer you to specialist. Our Counselors are not therapists but volunteers with experience in medical/health sector who are trained to listen and support you.

If your sessions didn't go as well as you hoped, please do us a favour and send a mail to

Please note: You shouldn't give out or share the contact of the counselor assigned to you.
Also note: Upon contact after 24 hours without response from you, your counselor can terminate your sessions. If these happen, you can reapply to speak to a counselor.

Please be patient with us as we are dealing with an influx of cases and will assign you to a counselor within 4 DAYS of filing this form.

Note that by filling and submitting this form, you agree to the set out terms and conditions of our service provision.
Thank you.
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