"Magic Cool Bus" Survey
For decades, we have understood that hands-on learning is extremely important for students, and has been proven to translate into success in STEM fields (Medaris, 09). But underprivileged/under-performing schools often lack opportunities to experience hands-on learning. The "Magic Cool Bus" (tentatively named) has therefore been designed by Fascinate to bring hands-on learning to students, in the most exciting way possible!

The interior will look like a party bus; with one exception— It will contain cutting-edge interactive technology, such as:

3-D Printers
Body Fat Percentage calculators

The bus will be run by talented young Fascinators with an average age of ~22 years old. Most of our staff are educated in STEM fields, and come from underrepresented groups. They will therefore serve as potential mentors to underrepresented students.

Participants will have an opportunity to interact with over 5 stations specifically designed to engage students!

But we don't simply aspire to excite them.

To continue engagement, students will be directed to our website, fascinatesci.com, which contains witty STEM content produced by millennials, as well as links to resources; enabling students to pursue STEM careers in the future.

We just need your help!

We need your feedback to ensure that we are targeting the most appropriate groups of students with this experience. If you like this idea, please send this to fellow K-12 instructors!

More information: info@fascinatesci.com

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