FORM: OA Post Program Survey
As a participant of Outdoor Adventures, your input is very valuable to us. Please aid us in improving our program by answering a few simple questions. Your remarks will be anonymous and kept confidential; so, please be honest and provide constructive feedback when possible. Thank you in advance for your time.
Date of Activity
Which activity did you participate in?
Program instructors
Please list each instructor separated by a comma.
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What were your expectations of the program?
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Were these expectations fulfilled?
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What did you like most about the experience?
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What did you like LEAST about the experience?
Please tell us what we could do to make that part of the program more enjoyable.
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Would you consider participating in another OA program?
Would you recommend this program to another student?
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How did you hear about this program?
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After you heard about the program, what made you actually want to sign-up?
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