QERC Semester Program Application
Thanks for your interest in the QERC! Be prepared to answer all of the questions in the application in one sitting.

Be prepared with:
• Your passport
• PDF files of your unofficial university transcripts,
• Email addresses, names, and phone numbers for both a faculty and non-faculty reference
• Answers to the following essay questions (1500 character [not word!] maximum):
o Describe your experience in speaking / learning Spanish.
o Broad research interests
o What are your primary motivations for wanting to attend the QERC semester program?
o Describe three experiences in which you've been challenged in the last year
o In your eyes, what connections exist between God and Nature?
o How did you respond to failure?
o Describe your aspirations for learning in a small cross-cultural community

Applications are due for early consideration by June 26, 2020. Participants for the 2021 semester will be selected after this date. Our final application date is October 11, 2020.

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